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We are not a "new" company but this is "new" technology.
Lubrication Solutions P/L has been selling lubricants since 1995 with the trading name Bi-Tron Australia. Now there is an amazing breakthrough in science and "Nano" technology is far more advanced than the older molecular technology. Nano technology marketed as XSNano when simply added to fuel and lubricants can now give a more complete burn of all fuels, resulting in more power, better fuel economy and a massive reduction in emissions. No modifications
to engine or fuel systems and works with all engines. It can clean carbon and colloid deposits from engines, it can kill diesel bug and clean fuel systems so they function correctly and more efficiently. It will lubricate and protect engines, gears and transmissions. It will virtually eliminate friction and wear and lower engine noise, so your engine oil will last longer as will your engine.

Our Products

Unlike the older technology, the new XSNano is easy to apply, simply added to the fuel and oil in very small amounts.

NDA (Nano diesel additive) used at ratio of 1;10,000
NGA (Nano gasoline additive) used at ratio of 1;10,000

NLA (Nano lubricant additive for all oils including engine, gear, hydraulics,)
Used at ratio of 1;1,000


A few of the large companies we deal with here at Lubrication Solutions P/L expressed concerns about using the XSNano oil additive, because of deals, contracts or agreements they had set up with oil companies to use their products. Relax, don’t be alarmed, we are not asking anyone to change their brand of oil or alter their agreements with the oil companies at all. All you need to do is add a few drops (only 1 ml for every litre of oil and 10 ml for every litre of fuel) of XSNano to your machinery to improve your oils environment and get a complete burn of fuel.

XSNano is completely safe and cannot void any warranties


  1. Some quick responses from our customer feedback form It actually performs as stated. ------------------------------- Used the gear all in differentials and transfer case in a 4.8 petrol Nissan Patrol -- used to quiet a slightly noisy chain in the transfer case -- has reduced noise by about 75% ----------------------------- It works brilliantly, it actually does what it says what it will do. Increase engine power .Reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions dramatically. ------------------------------ seems to work well when used in whole car ----------------------------- It Workz!!!! ----------------------------- solves a engineering problem ----------------------------- Engine runs at lower temps, does not ping, better fuel economy. Great when only lower octane fuel is available ----------------------------- It actually performs as stated. ----------------------------- It appears to work ------------------------------ Saves you money ------------------------------ The fact that it saves you money and is doing the engine good ------------------------------ fuel savings ------------------------------ I used it's predecessor many years before which gave my motor, which was ready to pack it in, another '4 years' of life which I'm Very Grateful for as I have a very tight budget. ------------------------------ Easy to use, it works. ------------------------------ It works ------------------------------- I don't know if it works but it's relatively cheap. ------------------------------- Performance and longevity benefits -------------------------------- easy to use Dose ratio